Monday, December 27, 2010

Kin Kin Restaurant: Chillie Pan Mee @ Off Jalan TAR, KL

Many people in PJ & KL should already tasted this, or at least heard of it.
The infamous Jalan TAR Chili Pan Mee.

It is located opposite of OCBC, behind the Honda Showroom along Jalan TAR. It is on the left side of the street. Turn in the junction before the traffic light of the cross junction of Jalan Sultan Ismail. Tune Hotel should be on your right. The address, if I am not wrong, is  No. 40, Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Introduction by Kin Kin Restaurant owner
The owner do have a special talent on writing on walls and his english were not too bad.... =)
Anyway, the food there was really something different as compared to a few other Chili Pan Mee I ate back in PJ. Well, this IS the original place!

The Pan Mee is handmade and you will get the complete Pan Mee with vegetables and minced pork. Do remember to order the Pan Mee WITH EGGS as it does not come with it if not asked.

Pan Mee & side dish
It is also served wth a bowl of vegetable soup. However, we got a little more advanturous and gotten ourselves a bowl of mixed Fish Balls, Meat Balls and some Fried Bean Curd Slices (Wu Pei). 

Once these are served, you will need... or shall I say, you MUST put this chili flake paste kinda stuff into your bowl of noodles.

That is the killer chili paste

My advice to you one the chili paste is to keep it low and add gradually where need. You do not want to have a twisted tongue that cannot feel any other taste after consuming the noodle. One thing for sure is YOU HAVE TO EAT THE NOODLE WHEN IT'S HOT. Once it cools off, the taste would be a little blend and the noodle still harden up a little, which is nothing surprising for these kind of noodles.

If you cannot take spicy food at a non-air conditioned restaurant, you have 2 options:-

  1. Go when the day is gloomy and windy. The shop do have a fairly good ventilation for wind.
  2. Go when you have extra clothes in your car or a place to bathe/freshen up.
Wall writting of some interesting advice

There are other stuffs writen on the other walls. A very interesting old shop.