Monday, December 27, 2010

Kin Kin Restaurant: Chillie Pan Mee @ Off Jalan TAR, KL

Many people in PJ & KL should already tasted this, or at least heard of it.
The infamous Jalan TAR Chili Pan Mee.

It is located opposite of OCBC, behind the Honda Showroom along Jalan TAR. It is on the left side of the street. Turn in the junction before the traffic light of the cross junction of Jalan Sultan Ismail. Tune Hotel should be on your right. The address, if I am not wrong, is  No. 40, Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman, Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Introduction by Kin Kin Restaurant owner
The owner do have a special talent on writing on walls and his english were not too bad.... =)
Anyway, the food there was really something different as compared to a few other Chili Pan Mee I ate back in PJ. Well, this IS the original place!

The Pan Mee is handmade and you will get the complete Pan Mee with vegetables and minced pork. Do remember to order the Pan Mee WITH EGGS as it does not come with it if not asked.

Pan Mee & side dish
It is also served wth a bowl of vegetable soup. However, we got a little more advanturous and gotten ourselves a bowl of mixed Fish Balls, Meat Balls and some Fried Bean Curd Slices (Wu Pei). 

Once these are served, you will need... or shall I say, you MUST put this chili flake paste kinda stuff into your bowl of noodles.

That is the killer chili paste

My advice to you one the chili paste is to keep it low and add gradually where need. You do not want to have a twisted tongue that cannot feel any other taste after consuming the noodle. One thing for sure is YOU HAVE TO EAT THE NOODLE WHEN IT'S HOT. Once it cools off, the taste would be a little blend and the noodle still harden up a little, which is nothing surprising for these kind of noodles.

If you cannot take spicy food at a non-air conditioned restaurant, you have 2 options:-

  1. Go when the day is gloomy and windy. The shop do have a fairly good ventilation for wind.
  2. Go when you have extra clothes in your car or a place to bathe/freshen up.
Wall writting of some interesting advice

There are other stuffs writen on the other walls. A very interesting old shop.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

SEO GUNG Korean BBQ Restaurant @ SS2, PJ

Seo Gung Restaurant, SS2
Korean food is really a little too much for me.... I can never finish their sets....

What I meant by 'a little too much' was literally, before you can even have your main course, you already have 12 little complimentary dishes of appetizer, which comprises of assorted vegetables and fishes at times. The appetizer is re-fillable as long as your main dishes have not all settled in your tummy..

It is located pretty much above Kings confessionary, opposite of Caeser Club/A&W/Swenson, same row as Eu Yan Sang in PJ SS2. It is prominently located and you will not missed it.

Interior of Seo Gung Restaurant
The restaurant is filled with waiters, as well as the boss, with the 'ever-wanting- to serve' you best attitude. And it really makes you feel good when you visit the restaurant.
The food there is in fact delicious. We took the family set and it fed 6 adults (with left overs!). It just how amazing that they can actually eat all that everyday.

So, we have the family set which comprises of 2 plates of Galbi servings (BBQ Pork), 1 Bibim Bap, 2 plates of noodles, 2 bowl of soup (Kimchi Tofu & Ginseng Chicken), 1 fish, 1 Korean pancake, 5 drinks and accompanied with complimentary fruits (usually watermelon). 
Bibim Bap and Galbi (BBQ Pork)

Korean Pancake

Kimchi Soup

The 12 Appertizer

They do have Ala Carte dishes that might find it sufficient. And if you have a chance, do try their rice wine (also comes with ginseng). They do give you a tingy feeling that makes the whole dinner better.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DAIMON Okonomiyaki, Low Yat Plaza

What is your guess for this restaurant? Definitely something Japanese.... We have been eating plenty of Japanese sushi, teppanyaki, temaki, udon, soba...etc... but I can tell you this is something different.


It is located at the LG floor of Low Yat Plaza, the I.T. Mall in KL Golden Triangle. It is kinda of a 'little shop at the corner' feel, situated opposite of the big chinese restaurant. The little logo was said to be found also in facebook.

So, this food is kinda like a pizza but not quite like it. It is rather hard to describe. I would say, Okonomiyaki is actually a Japanese savoury pancake. 

What does it mean? Okonomi = What do you want; and yaki= grilled

Basically, it's a "whatever" grill... :)

The base is made out of a thin layer of floor mix, topped with mountain high cabbage, yellow noodles and meat.

The preliminary round

There are other ingredients depending on what you have ordered. They have just vegies, seafood (i.e. squid & prawn), plain scallops or meat (i.e. pork or chicken). Once the vegies and toppings are pretty much cooked, they will do the eggs.

Final stage

Once the eggs are 1/2 done, they will place the initial vegies, noodles and toppings on top of it. (The benefit of sitting at the bar and watch their every move!!) By this time, you will be going, "I want my food!" Not because it took them long to prepare it, but it was just the urge of wanting to know how it tasted. Unfortunately, that was now the end. The end before the Okonomiyaki was served..... of course is the final touch of decoration!!! Although, don't expect much.

Seafood Okonomiyaki

Scallop Okonomiyaki    

The wait was worth it and to see the process of making it was quite interesting. 

Now, how did it tasted. It is definitely a different type of feeling to it as compared to other Japanese food. I would say you suddenly felt like you are in Hiroshima (where Okonomiyaki is known from). 

Worth a try.

SEONG KEE Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Hunting for nice fresh yong tau foo around PJ Old Town area? then this is the place to come. This place is usually packed during dinner time as it is located in a Food Court. I will usually go 'makan' with my significant other and usually we will order pretty much the same thing.

For the fried ones we will order the brinjal, foo chok and sui kow. Once ordered you will have to wait a while for them to prepare. This is because they do it on the spot once ordered so it is always fresh! I have to say my favourite have to be the fried sui kow. The fillings are well balanced and its not too much skin nor too much meat. The other fried stuffs are good also as the fish paste is smooth and bouncy and not chewy.

For more info, please CLICK here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Apologies

I know I haven't been updating the blog.... bad of me... well, I do have a few restaurant reviewed. Just that I have been busy preparing for my wedding.

Promise I will post it once I am officially married end of September and my camera don't give way.....

Stay Tune....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paramount Garden Restaurant, PJ

Been at this place for more than 4 years already and I still love their one famous dish... heard of Loh Mee? the one with the dark brown starchy soup. I bet u did. Heard of Pan Mee? the one with flat flour noodle with anchovies (ikan bilis for you locals), black fungus, minced meat and vege? I bet u did too. But imagine u mix them both! GENIUS!!!...
Loh Mee
Ever since I came to this place and ate their signature dish.. which is the Loh Pan Mee fell in love with it. Click here for information.

Yut Kee Hainanese Kopitiam

Down in the heart of the city, you can still a small little shop that brings you back 20 - 30 years ago. A traditional coffee shop that is struggling to stay alive. Nonetheless, the customer ranges from elderly to corporate at the time I was there.

It is located opposite of Wilayah Complex, KL, Jalan Dang Wangi. Walking distance from Maytower Residences and Sheraton Imperial. It is a 70 year old coffee shop that offers authentic Hainanese Favorites.

Their coffee was pure Hainanese along with the all time favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The rice was made with full aromatic chicken stork. Simple and delicious.

 Fried Bee Hoon

This is yet another delicious traditional Fried Bee Hoon. However, it was nothing compared to the next item I ate.

 Tai Lok Mee - Yellow Fat Noodle

The Tai Lok Mee was the ultimate main course for the day. You may not want to call this if you are a health freak as it is tasty with loads of vegies, pork slices and chicken gizzard. The only missing ingredient was the qi yau cha, also known as deep fried crispy cube pork lard. It do sound disgusting but believe me, that will make the dish crunch-ily complete.

Not forgeting their freshly baked marble cake and swiss role cake. You can smell the sweet sense of pastry when they bring to the front to place it into this Historical looking cake display counter.

Rest assure the price for all these are reasonable for KL standard ranging between RM5 - RM6, depending on the dish you ordered. If they are not, the people will not queue to wait for a table and they will most definitely won't share table with strangers. 


Recommend to also try their Pork/Chicken Chop ala Hainanese. It looks good as they serve the couple who shared the table with us.
Be ware though. It will be a hot hot meal time. Literally, hot with sweat.