Sunday, November 21, 2010

SEO GUNG Korean BBQ Restaurant @ SS2, PJ

Seo Gung Restaurant, SS2
Korean food is really a little too much for me.... I can never finish their sets....

What I meant by 'a little too much' was literally, before you can even have your main course, you already have 12 little complimentary dishes of appetizer, which comprises of assorted vegetables and fishes at times. The appetizer is re-fillable as long as your main dishes have not all settled in your tummy..

It is located pretty much above Kings confessionary, opposite of Caeser Club/A&W/Swenson, same row as Eu Yan Sang in PJ SS2. It is prominently located and you will not missed it.

Interior of Seo Gung Restaurant
The restaurant is filled with waiters, as well as the boss, with the 'ever-wanting- to serve' you best attitude. And it really makes you feel good when you visit the restaurant.
The food there is in fact delicious. We took the family set and it fed 6 adults (with left overs!). It just how amazing that they can actually eat all that everyday.

So, we have the family set which comprises of 2 plates of Galbi servings (BBQ Pork), 1 Bibim Bap, 2 plates of noodles, 2 bowl of soup (Kimchi Tofu & Ginseng Chicken), 1 fish, 1 Korean pancake, 5 drinks and accompanied with complimentary fruits (usually watermelon). 
Bibim Bap and Galbi (BBQ Pork)

Korean Pancake

Kimchi Soup

The 12 Appertizer

They do have Ala Carte dishes that might find it sufficient. And if you have a chance, do try their rice wine (also comes with ginseng). They do give you a tingy feeling that makes the whole dinner better.



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