Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DAIMON Okonomiyaki, Low Yat Plaza

What is your guess for this restaurant? Definitely something Japanese.... We have been eating plenty of Japanese sushi, teppanyaki, temaki, udon, soba...etc... but I can tell you this is something different.


It is located at the LG floor of Low Yat Plaza, the I.T. Mall in KL Golden Triangle. It is kinda of a 'little shop at the corner' feel, situated opposite of the big chinese restaurant. The little logo was said to be found also in facebook.

So, this food is kinda like a pizza but not quite like it. It is rather hard to describe. I would say, Okonomiyaki is actually a Japanese savoury pancake. 

What does it mean? Okonomi = What do you want; and yaki= grilled

Basically, it's a "whatever" grill... :)

The base is made out of a thin layer of floor mix, topped with mountain high cabbage, yellow noodles and meat.

The preliminary round

There are other ingredients depending on what you have ordered. They have just vegies, seafood (i.e. squid & prawn), plain scallops or meat (i.e. pork or chicken). Once the vegies and toppings are pretty much cooked, they will do the eggs.

Final stage

Once the eggs are 1/2 done, they will place the initial vegies, noodles and toppings on top of it. (The benefit of sitting at the bar and watch their every move!!) By this time, you will be going, "I want my food!" Not because it took them long to prepare it, but it was just the urge of wanting to know how it tasted. Unfortunately, that was now the end. The end before the Okonomiyaki was served..... of course is the final touch of decoration!!! Although, don't expect much.

Seafood Okonomiyaki

Scallop Okonomiyaki    

The wait was worth it and to see the process of making it was quite interesting. 

Now, how did it tasted. It is definitely a different type of feeling to it as compared to other Japanese food. I would say you suddenly felt like you are in Hiroshima (where Okonomiyaki is known from). 

Worth a try.


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