Monday, June 14, 2010

Saba Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant

I never did fancy Middle Eastern food at the beginning as I thought it will be filled with tonnes and tonnes of sugar, mountain lambs and plate filled with only Laban bread.
I was wrong.

Now, I found Saba Middle Eastern Cuisine. Although it is located in a far far away land, they are well known for their food. To be exact, Saba is located at Jalan Perdana, CBD Perdana, Cyberjaya.

They serve variety of appetizer with different cooking style for Chicken and Lamb. I have tried their Lamb Kabsa with Rice.

The Lamb is so tender and juicy at the same time. The spices used some how penetrated into the flesh. And the Middle Eastern Rice is just lengthy. 

A little thought for you, the rice from Japan is short and round. The rice from our good Malaysia and Thailand is grew to average in length and width. As we move further west to the middle east, the rice got elongated further.  

This is the Hummus with Bread. The bread comes in a pack of 5 for you to dip with the creme paste. It is deliciously filling eating this alone.

The pricing here is relatively ok for foreign food. However, don't expect much of service. Migiht be place where you can test your patience waiting for a waiter to take your order.


You will have to try their Mango Lasse. It is Pure Mango Blended with slight ice. 



The Wan And Only said...

I love Saba... but it's too far away... :(

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