Monday, June 14, 2010

Mei San Sze Chuan Restaurant

We found a reasonable priced Dim Sum Buffet @ Mei San Sze Chuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel. Yes... Quality Hotel. Many people do not know much about this place.. They are located along Jalan Raja Laut, opposite of Mara Building and next to the STAR Bandaraya LRT Station. 

The interior is pretty impressive although the entrance of this hotel doesn't look to extravagant.

Nonetheless, the Dim Sum is not too bad. Eat-All-Can.... Make sure you have keen affection for Dim Sum or else, you might not enjoy it. Oh... and also a almost pit less stomach.

Beware! Please share your food.

It is a good place to meet up and have a few hours of good chats without worrying on  over ordering Dim Sum and when the bill comes, your wallet suddenly felt empty.

Advice to come on a weekday, in particular, Monday. No Crowd. I heard as the week comes closer to the end, this restaurant's crowd grows with it, especially on Friday. Maybe IT IS the TGIF factor!!


Worth the time spend expecially to catch up with loved one. I got all the food & laughter dosage I need. 

Try not to put too much hope on having a sweet girl in Cheongsam serving you. Today, it's all about >50.

Worth A Try!


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