Saturday, May 29, 2010

Restoran Lou Wong

Ipoh is well known to be the Town in the valley of Lime stone. It is 1 of the town that is rich with minerals.

The restaurant is located at Ipoh, Off Jalan Raja Musa Aziz. A Double Storey Corner Shop lot. Well, known for their Ipoh Steam Chicken, Flat Noodle/Kuey Teow and "TauGe" - Bean Sprout.

Eating on the side of the street. You will get the Night Market, or better known as Pasar Malam, along the same street. Beware, you will get some young beggar asking for some money. They usually work in a pair. The one I experienced is with her mother!!

"Pak Cam Kai" - Steam White Chicken with "TauGe" - Bean Sprout & Kuey Teow with Soup

Usually, steam chicken can be a little too dry or not cooked enough. But for this one, the chicken is still  juicy and so tasty. As what the Chinese would say, "Yoke Hou Wat"; direct translation means the flesh is very smooth.

Ipoh well known juicy Bean Sprout. It is said that the bean sprout are grown using the natural mineral water from the Lime Stone that makes it fat and juicy.

The soup is said to have a sprinkle of Prawn Oil, which makes it taste 'slurp-fully' wonderful :P It is usually being serve together with the Chicken and Tauge.

Pork Ball

This is an extra dish that we usually orders to make the meal whole. However, this soup has a little too much MSG/artificial flavouring. Wouldn't advise you to drink it too much!!

They have variety of drinks from Chinese Herbal tea to Beer.

Reasonable. We only paid RM20 nett for 4 dishes. The chicken was at least a half a chicken, 2 bowl of Kuey Teow, 8 pieces of Pork Ball and 1 whole plate of TauGe. Drinks was a total of about RM5 nett (paid separately).


This is 1 of Ipoh's famous food and it tasted great, although it can be a little hot sitting by the street. 



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