Thursday, May 27, 2010

Restoran Hong Ngek

This is a Chinese restaurant located at near the end of Jalan Tun HS Lee, at the junction of Jalan Tun Perak (Masjid Jamek).

Old style restaurant with not much refurbishment. The place do look dodgy but prepares good food with reasonable price. A 2 story end shop lot with the normal fan restaurant downstairs and the air-condition section located upstairs.

Tables downstairs looks like it will only fit max 4 person at 1 go. The table settings upstairs can still fit max 10 person but the spacing is quite tight. Well, you can actually hear the conversation on the next table without stretching.

Crowded during lunch hour from 12noon to 2.30pm. Recommend to arrive earlier as you might have to wait for a table.

Chinese Fried Rice

I always believe a Chinese restaurant will serve good food if the BASIC fried rice is delicious and this is 1 of them. It is simple but aromatic that the moment it touches your palette, you know the chef is an old timer.

"Wa Tan Hor" - Flat Noodle/Kuey Teow in Egg Sauce
Fried Glass Noodle
 Vegetable and Mushroom Vegetarian Style

'Wa Tan Hor' too need skill to prepare. There is a little charcoal burnt smell on the Kuey Teow for this dish  as it is suppose to be and the sauce is perfectly done. Not too sticky; not too watery.

Usually, fried Glass Noodle comes a little wet, which is not too good. This one, it done properly. Although, I felt that the taste can be improve further with additional some cut red chillies and "ha mai" - Chinese dried prawns. 

Vegetable and Mushroom Vegetarian Style is ok but not my type of dish. However, it tasted good without the feeling of eating too much flour, as many vegetarian food does.

We only had normal Chinese tea. They do serve soft drinks and herbal tea.

The price is reasonable for the amount of food. We only paid RM58nett for 4 dishes feeding 4 guys and 2 ladies.

Satisfactory and worth the money.
But be prepared to come out of the restaurant smelling as if you have just came out of a kitchen cooking.

Worth a try!


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